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​General Terms and Conditions

1. Customers should ensure that the areas to be cleaned are clear from furniture and other items. Areas should be prepared by dry vacuuming / hoovering by the customer. 2. GRK staff are not insured to move furniture or other items (TV's etc). We will however provide reasonable assistance to help customers but take no responsibility for damage accidentally caused by assisting customers. 3. Any furniture should have aluminium foil or plastic bags placed under / over furniture legs by the customer to prevent rust stains or wood dye running until the carpet is completely dry. 4. The drying process may take several hours depending on the ventilation and heat of the customer's house or workplace. We recommend that Fans should be used to aid drying process. Please ventilate the area well to aid the drying process. 5. GRK staff will ensure that the customer is happy with the service ( by asking verbally) before they leave site. The customer should inspect the carpet to check they are satisfied with the cleaning service. It is taken that once staff leave site , that the customer is content with the service. If the customer is not satisfied in anyway, they should inform the member of staff immediately and before they leave site in order for the issue to be rectified. 6. Staff will wear overshoes / shoe covers to prevent soiling of carpets whilst cleaning is in progress. 7. Staff will wear uniform and so are easily identifiable when they arrive at the customers address. 8. It is the customers responsibility to advise the company of special treatment carpets such as wool / mixed fabrics so that the correct process can be delivered by the company to clean the particular material. concerned. Failure to advise the company would invalidate any responsibility for damage of the carpet/rug by the staff member completing the job. 9. Some stains will not be removed and may have aready dyed the carpet fabric; these include Oils, Paint, Nail Varnish, bleaches etc. We will bring this to the attention of the customer. 10 . Where a technician believes that a carpet cannot be cleaned effectively; he/she will advise the customer of this. 11. Management will conduct follow up house calls or contact customers to ensure quality of service. (visit, email, telephone or facebook etc).

12. Where hire of equipment / carpets/ machinery is agreed; the customer must pay the agreed fee and a £100 deposit to be held by the company; which will be returned once the item of hire has been inspected by the company and returned in its original hired condition.


No shows / customer failing to contact us for cancellation / last minute cancellation will result in costs being incurred by the company ; These reasonable costs must be paid by the

customer. £10 deposit paid covers the technicians costs for no shows / late cancellations.

Failure to pay these costs will result in the company's future withdrawal of GRK Services.

Deposit and Payment conditions

A deposit will be taken of £10 from the customer at the time of booking to confirm the booking. This deposit is non refundable.

The remaining balance will be due on the day, on completion of the job either by Paypal, cash or credit/debit card.

Business to Business payment terms are at the discretion of the owner/s and payment is due by return of invoice.

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